Friday, May 20, 2011

Brand New

Daren and are married! Hoorah! So now, we are in a new semester, in a new apartment, with a new roommate, and a completely new life so with all of this newness, I thought I'd start a new blog for my new family. You can find us here.
Thanks for reading!

-Daniella Cullimore

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zero to Hero, a Major Hunk; and Who'd Have Thunk?

There are a lot of songs our there that remind me of my sweetheart Daren. Pretty much any love song I hear, and if he isn't already on my mind (not often) he pops right up. Well I was running with my ipod a few days ago and thinking of my fiancee' when this song came on. As I listened, I was reminded of a time when Daren meant almost nothing to me, and I to him. When we knew eachother, but didn't know eachother. I thought about how quickly that changed just one short year later. He went from "Zero, to Hero" in my eyes. When I thought this, I laughed outloud, and continued laughing as the song played. Then I played it again and laughed again. So I thought I'd share and maybe you'd laugh too :)

He was a no one
A zero, zero
Now he's a hotshot,
He's a hero
Here was a kid with his act down packed
From zero to hero in no time flat
Zero to hero just like that

Say amen
There he goes again
Sweet and undefeated
And an awesome 10 for 10
Folks lined up
Just to watch him flex
And this perfect package
packed a pair of pretty pecs
(Ok this REALLY made me laugh)

He sure had moxie, brains, and spunk
From zero to hero a major hunk
Zero to hero and who'da thunk?

Isn't he bold?
Nobody braver.
Is he sweet?
Our favorite flavor!

I still, after all this time can't believe I'm engaged to Daren Cullimore. The same Daren Cullimore that I barely knew, barely acknowledged in 2009. And now, he really is my hero. My protecting, providing, presiding, priesthood wielding hero. Husband Hero! To the rescue!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To My Family:

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"I grew up in a pretty house and I had space to run and I had the best days with you."

Oh my jolly older brother! How I love you! My fondest childhood memories are of the time you spent with us at the beach, iceskating, playing sports, and just relaxing at home. I don't know if you remember, but I remember when I was afraid to go out past where the ocean waves break at the beach. They were so big, but you were bigger in my eyes. You held my hand and made sure I felt safe. You told me when to jump and when to swim under. I remember the feeling of the waves lifting me off my feet, but I was anchored to you. I knew I wasn't going anywhere. Eventually you let go of my hand and let me go off on my own. I took all that you taught me and swam about, enjoying the waves. I think about that day often. You taught me so many other things: you taught me to throw discus and shotput, you played football with me, basketball, tennis, disneymania, monopoly, you name it, you played with your little sisters. You taught me so much more than that though. Your example has taught me more than you know. Your kindness and childlike love for life has always inspired me and made me laugh. I love your nonsense. I'll always remember that giant eye that follows me around. It doesn't see anything, but MAN is it CREEPY! I love you, and I know you love and want what's best for me. Thank you for everything you've taught me. Thank you for being my anchor and my example until I was ready to take on the ocean on my own. I flounder sometimes, but I remember what I learned from you and I can make it past any wave that comes my way.

I'm so glad I can call you sister. I look up to you so much. I think you are a fantastic mother and I hope I can be like you in that way someday. I love it when you share blogs and creative websites with me. I hope we always do that when we get together. I love you and Kaleb together. Seeing you always makes me happy. I hope I can come to you for advice in my marriage and when I'm ready to be a mom. Thank you so much for being a part of our family. I love you!

You are my big brother. You always challenged me to be better, even when I didn't want to be challenged. You'll probably deny this, but I will never forget how you would come into mine, Kessia's and Krista's room late at night and wake us up to talk to us. We screamed and yelled for you to leave, but you stayed. I always loved those late night talks. I remember when you would take us to Joshua Hills late at night to play basketball. We would climb the fence and take off running if we saw a janitor coming. You tied a backpack to that old yellow sled and Krista, Kessia, and I would sit on it and you would pull us around on the grass. The three of us could never pull you in return. Once you took us to the track at Palmdal High. You told me if I ran an 800 in under a certain time, you would buy me a slurpee. I ran. You wouldn't tell me my time until after you bought me the drink. I was one second off, but you still bought it for me. I never forgot that. You took me running on the street, and sometimes run/yardsale shopping. Raingutter boat racing was always one of my favorite things, you jumped in waste high water to save our boats from going down to the sewer. Once you came home talking about this giant fish tank that someone was throwing away and how you wanted it. You let me tag along and we dressed in black and went and rescued it from the curb. I can't remember why, or what we used it for, but I loved all of our crazy adventures. Everything we did, I looked up to you. I still do. Everything I do now, I hope you approve of, no matter how much I deny it I truly care what you think and want you to be proud of me. I love you, brother. I want to follow in your footsteps.

Our family get togethers aren't complete without you. I don't get to see you as much as I'd like to, but when I do I love being around you. I love your sweetness. Your laugh is contagious and you are so much fun. You're my sister and I love you.

There is no one quite like you. I don't think our family would function without you. You are the adhesive that keeps us all together. You do everything we all know we want to do. I admire you so much, and peanutbutter and marshmallows? GROSS! That just grosses me out! Ha. I can't believe you put up with me. I love to tease you Zach, but I do it lovingly, if you can believe it. Like when I call you David, instead of Zachary, or when I come give you a big hug and smooch, because I know you'll push me away. I know you are the most patient person on the planet. You're an inspiration to me and countless others. Mom told me once that you were special. She said that in heaven you were a brave warrior of the Lord and you fought against Satan so valiantly that he tried his best to make your life harder than most people's. You are so strong, and I believe her words. In spite of all of the challenges you face, you still find this joy in life and want to share it with others. I love you so much. You are my hero.

You are my big sister. You are amazing. I can't think of a single thing I don't admire about you. I want to be more like you. No one quite laughs like you and I. It makes my guts hurt just thinking about it. There's no bond quite like that of sisters and you are the best there is. You're an example to me and you are the best influence I could ask for. I am so glad I get to watch and follow you in life. I know I haven't always felt that way. We used to fight. I threw chairs at you. Once I threw a coaster at you. It hit the floor and bounced up and broke a window. I think we looked at each other and laughed. I like to think I've grown since then. I remember Monday night movies with you at the Movies 8; running around the theatre in sweats because no one else was there on Mondays. I loved our Barne's and Noble runs and all the time we spent together in the summers. We house-sat for the Williams and killed all their plants. We lived together in Provo. Movie nights with you, eating French Bread, and Nutella were my favorite. We hiked the Timp all night and were utterly unprepared. You went on a mission and I missed you all the time. Your letters encouraged me. You came back and we ran a half marathon together! Kessia, we will always be close. You and Krista are my best friends. The three of us have something truly special in each other. I have the best sisters in the whole wide world!!!!! I love you.

"God smiles on my little sister, inside and out she's better than I am"

You are my baby sister, but you are the example to me. You are doing such great things and I look up to you for that. You are so much smarter than me in a million ways, thanks for being so humble about it ;). We have a lot of fun together. We have that sisterly bond and I love the things we do together. I love hearing about how school is going and how track and all of your other sports are coming. I love picking you up from school, even when I have to take 12 of your friends home too. I love when we shop together, when we take silly pictures with the webcam, facebook chat when we're sitting 3 feet away from eachother, I love just relaxing with you: watching movies and eating HEALTHY food. I remember when we went to Hollywood Video to find a scary movie to watch on Halloween, but they all looked too awful, so we picked out a good chick-flick. I love our private jokes, "No you wear a jacket." "No YOU shutup!" (Those are two different jokes, but they're remarkably similar. Ha.)I love laughing with you. We're funny...soooo funny. And pretty...soooo pretty. I love it when you let me do your hair and makeup and do big sister things for you, like make your Halloween costume, or Spirit Day outfit. Thanks for letting me feel like the big sister sometimes, thank you for letting me do things for you. You are always the best listener when I want to talk about silly girl things. Thank you so much for putting up with all of my none sense. I love you so much baby sister. You and Kessia are my very best friends. You are the best sisters in the whole world! (Like I already told Kessia) We have something really special and we will always be close. Thank you for everything you do for me Krista. I appreciate you so much.

"I have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger."

I don't express to you enough what you mean to me. I don't think I've ever told you how much I love listening to you talk. I remember going to volleyball tournaments, track meets, and whatever else with you. We usually had to drive at least an hour. I always loved sitting in the car just talking with you. Especially coming home. I was tired and sometimes I would fall asleep to your voice. There isn't any other sound that makes me feel more relaxed and happy. I always loved playing the game where we guess what time we'll get home. You always won. You are knowledgeable in so many areas. Sometimes when you talk to me I wonder "Why and how on earth does he know this?" But I loved hearing it. Do you remember Christmas of 2009? We went to Utah to see family. Krista and Mom went home early. You, Zach, and I walked around Temple Square together. That is my favorite Christmas memory. We walked around in the night chill arm and arm. I don't remember what you said, but I remember how I felt: cold, all I had was my family reunion sweatshirt, but I was so happy just to walk with you. Then we got to drive home together; the whole 9 hours. You told me stories about your childhood friend Carlisle, and growing up in Parawon. We stopped at Quizno's for dinner. I loved that trip. Despite all my complaining, I like watching "boring" TV with you. Even if it's How It's Made: GLUE. I admire you so much Dad. I admire your knowledge, your work ethic, and most of all your patience and unconditional love for all of us. That is a characteristic I want to emulate with my family. I know I can come to you with anything, and you will help me and support me any way you can. I want to make you proud of me. I remember when we were little and we compared everything to you. When I learned that an eagle's wingspan was taller than Dad, I couldn't believe it. You were a giant to me. You still are. I love you Dad.

"My Daddy's smart, and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world."

I remember when I was little, I would try to remember to tell you "I love you mom, you're beautiful," everyday. I remember vaguely sitting at the bar one day and telling you that you were more beautiful than all of the unicorns in the whole world. To a young girl, that's a pretty big deal you see. I remember cuddling with you and watching Murder She Wrote with you, and Hello Dolly, and other Mommy shows. I remember our Girl's Nights, when the boys were out on a campout. I don't remember what we did, but I remember how much fun we had, I remember always being excited for those nights. I remember once we all got the stomach flu. The TV room was piled high with blankets crackers and sprite. As miserable as the stomach flu is, parts of that experience were really nice, and for some reason that memory sticks out to me. I got a little older and I became the biggest brat imaginable. I can't believe you put up with me. I'm sorry for all of those years. I know my teenage girls are going to get me back for that, but I hope when they grow up, they feel the way about me, that I feel about you. I love you Mom. I love talking to you and hearing about how everything at home is. I love it when you tell me about family history and your latest breakthrough. I love being able to call you when I'm excited about something, or when I need advice. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for always being willing to listen and offer guidance. I think I must have forgotten in highschool that you know everything, I remember that now and I will be calling for help often. I love spending time with you. Whether it's sewing, shopping, or just running errands and talking. I remember when I was 11 you took me to San Diego to go to the temple and shop and have fun to celebrate my "becoming a woman." You said we were going to "Paint the town red!" I remember saying, "Moooooom!!! and being totally embarrassed by that comment. I had so much fun that day. You bought me an outfit from K-mart and an icecream so big I couldn't finish it and I felt sick on the way home. I want you to always be a big part of my life Mom. I want to be like you. I want to have your compassion for those less fortunate. I want to be able to see people's needs the way you do. I hope I can find the strength you have. You do so much for me, thank you so much for everything. I'll make it up to you with Grandbabies to spoil someday. And I promise, you will always be welcome to come and see and treat them. They are all going to be Grandma's girls and boys for sure. Again, I love you so much. Thank you for being the best Mom in the whole world.

"Now I know why all the trees change in the fall, I know you were on my side even when I was wrong and I love you for giving me your eyes and staying back and watching me shine. I didn't know if you knew, so I'm taking this chance to say that I had the best day with you today."

Dear Babies Elizabeth, Kaleb, and Lilia,
You are the cutest babies ever. I love when I get to take care of you. Tell you're parents you want me to babysit you and I'll bring you chocolate and we can watch Dora the Explorer, Baby Einstein, and play with balls and lots of other fun baby things! I love you Babies!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mamma Taught Me

Me and about a million other girls LOVE this song, for obvious reasons.
My mom taught me that my choice in marriage will have a greater impact on my life than any other choice I make. It has to be to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time.
Daren Cullimore, Los Angeles Temple, April 9th, 2011
I promise you Mom, it's right.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter 2011 Theme Song

Workin like a dog, scrubbing toilets at 4AM.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Friend

Yesterday on my run, I passed a young man going the opposite direction as me. He had a very poorly behaved dog with him. The dog was running in the street and up to strangers and doing whatever it wanted. The owner didn't seem to care what the dog did. I found this odd, but figured, some people just have no consideration for others, and continued on my run. As I came around another loop, I saw the same fellow with the same dog, only the dog promptly turned around and began to tag along with me! "Huh," I thought, "So the dog wasn't his after all." And so the dog suddenly fell under my borrowed responsibility. I wasn't sure what to do, I figured he would soon get bored and trot off and leave me be, but the dog began running out to the street and chasing cars, nearly killing himself. I shouted after him "DOG NO! Come back Dog!!!" Then he would run back to me and chomp on some snow. I couldn't leave him to get killed in the street, so I continued to try to control him as he ran with me. Then, Dog ran out to a big black truck and began threatening it with his barks and snarls. The truck pulled over and a young man shouted out the window,"IS THIS YOUR DOG?" "NO!" I responded with a laugh. The young man, who had a lady friend with him, was willing to take Dog, who obviously belonged to someone, off the streets. We had a difficult time getting him to climb into the back of the truck. He kept wanting to follow me, bless his heart. So finally I picked him up and shoved him into the bed of the truck. I turned with a "THANK YOU!" and continued my run, only to be surprised 5 seconds later by dog right by my side again. I laughed. I liked this crazy dog. OK, time to get down to business, Dog would have to go inSIDE the car this time. I once again lifted his hind quarters off the ground and pushed him into the truck and closed the door. "It's for your own good Dog." I waved and thanked the couple again, and began to run, laughing and shaking my head all the while. I'll miss my new car chasing, snow eating friend. I hope you find your home Dog!

He Put a Ring on it.

Daren and I officially got engaged on December 29, 2010.
I arrived at the SEATAC airport late in the morning on December 29. The flight had been smooth and I anxiously waited as the plane taxied along the runway. I sent Daren an excited text, "WE JUST LANDED!!!!" I scampered through the tunnel into the airport with an extra spring in my step and an anxious smile budding and bursting on from lips. My searching eyes began examining the scenery around me, hunting for a face among the crowds of strangers. My heart began to race, and then I found him. I couldn't contain the smile any longer, it erupted and overflowed, spreading down to me toes. I dropped my suitcase and ran into open arms.
We went about our day, excited that our time apart was finally over. Soon enough it was almost dinner time and Daren's mother asked us to pick up some juice from the store. We made our way to the store and back without anything unusual happening, or at least not that I noticed. I have realized that I am the most oblivious person on the planet. I didn't notice as Daren's family drove right past us on our way home and I certainly didn't notice that the car was gone. I walked into a dim and empty house wondering, "Where is everyone, why is it so dark?" not noticing the decorated table and romantic mood. It took me a second..."OOOH!" I turned and gave Daren, who was waiting for my reaction, a quizzical look. I turned around and my eyes found a curious object that was placed on the coffee table in the living room. Daren asked if we could do our Christmas exchange before dinner, so I sat on the couch near the coffee table and he handed me a letter. The letter explained the gift: it was a mailbox of sorts, a personal one in which I would receive letters from him. Attatched was a light, and when the light was on, I had a new letter. The gift was carved in the shape of a tree, with a space in the trunk for the letters to go. It was beautiful and definitely took a lot of work to make. The last paragraph spoke of the first time we spent time together alone...we walked to Jamba Juice and came back and climbed a tree near my apartment and talked. Then the letter mentioned a question he hoped he would get to ask me since that day. Then, he opened the top of the tree (mailbox) and inside was a ring. He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I was blown away and so all I managed was to croak out a yes. We celebrated together the rest of the evening and I'm still jumping for joy.
I love this fella.